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The Nurse Girl’s Stunning Touch (2020)

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Yong-pal and Se-hee are lovers… Yong-pal is feminine and Se-hee is masculine. Yong-pal who is always pointed out by Se-hee… Se-hee is a woman with a forage. Yong-pal, a lover, convinces Se-hee that her wish is to make love with a nurse. Yong-pal asks to buy a nurse’s clothes and try it on. But the clothes are too short and dirty. Sehee complained to Yong-Pal about what kind of nurse’s clothes are like this. Yong-pal says he is so sexy, and he comforts Se-hee… The sex story of Ma-hee, Se-hee and So-sim-nam, Yong-pal…

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Genre: 18+, Drama, Romance, Semi
Duration: 59 Min

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