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Temptation of Mother-in-Law (2019)

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After graduating from the prestigious college, the youngest conglomerate is promoted to a handsome appearance. However, at the drinking place with his old friend, Moo-Hyuk, Han-Yong notices a drink without hesitation. As if frustrated, Moo-hyeok asked why he wanted to marry his six-year-old girlfriend, Wisdom, but was struggling with her attitude of not showing her parents. That night, Han Yong received a promotion from Wisdom and asked for a complimentary ceremony, saying that she wants to get married stably now. . And even if you look at the place of Sang-yeon, you’ll find Yeon-ji, the eldest daughter of her own age. Will increase. And one day, on a business trip of wisdom, what will Han Yong choose for a sudden visit by a d mother-in-law?

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Tagline:His son-in-law comforts his son-in-law and his son-in-law, who is addicted to the taste of a young mother-in-law who is different from his wife.
Genre: 18+, Romance, Semi
Duration: 73 Min

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