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Mother’s Job (2017)

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A young man falls in love with his friend’s mother. Hyun-woo, who returned to the military, starts a part-time job at a bar in a difficult situation, where he meets Yoo-sun, a woman who captures the hearts of customers with her skillful ways. Then one day, Hyun-woo, who was alone with her, finds himself in a shock with his friends Min-seok and Yoo-sun. When Hyun-woo confesses the truth after a hard time, Yoo-sun asks her to keep her relationship secret. Hyun-woo, who failed to reject Min-seok’s proposal to live in his own home, begins a breathtaking cohabitation with Yoo-sun.

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Tagline:“I want to have a sister.” “I am weak, so don’t tempt me.”
Genre: 18+, Drama, Romance, Semi
Duration: 79 Min

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