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Housemaid Mom (2020)

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Woo-joo, who has a lot of work due to word of mouth as a prostitute, does all her work even if she got pregnant and dreams of a normal life. Sepn, the daughter of Woo-joo who is about to graduate from high school, stays in a palace-like house but feels unreal. She seems to smile brightly at her mother who seem to be the object of resentment all her life. Seon’s joy didn’t last long. It’s not easy to manage a house that big. She doesn’t want her mother to do the chores, so she’s not making excuses to stay at home. To look good for her boyfriend, her mom would give her money, but she feels uneasy to accept it. Good house, good food to eat every day, the more she wants to have more….

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Genre: 18+, Romance, Semi

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