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Housekeeper – My Wife’s Friend (2019)

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Mi-jeong works in a company and she’s an elegant and formal elite career woman. Hyeon-seok, her husband, is proud of her and loves her, but he’s submissive to her at night, so some times he flinches when she even steps close to him. Hyeon-seok is close to his little brother, Hyeon-soo, and they start a useless talk about the housekeeper that moves in with them. Then one day the housekeeper, Se-hee, tells him to ‘keep the secret or make up a secret…’ and he falls into confusion and indecisiveness. Hyeon-seok and Hyeon-soo don’t dream for a second that his wife has plans up her sleeve and they end up in a very strange situation…

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Tagline:It arouses me to know someone is watching. Do whatever you want. Keep the secret or make a secret.
Genre: 18+, Drama, Romance, Semi
Duration: 80 Min

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