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Forbidden Sex 2: Affair (2012)

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Kyung-soo and Min-kyung are 10 years old couples. A couple who spent one night holding hands alone for 10 years. After all, today’s Kyung-Soo asks you to do it only once. Min-kyung is moaning that she will never do it before she gets married. Kyung-soo is forced to settle by night … Calling a friend who doesn’t want to stay anymore and asks to have only one room left. Kyung-soo goes to play with Min-kyung. Kyung-soo and Min-kyung arrives in a nice place. Kyung-soo and Su-hwan are embarrassed by Min-kyung’s request for two. Meanwhile, the woman of the grave is passing by. Kyung-soo is attracted to her for some reason. The woman of the tomb starts to sneak out when he goes out.

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Duration: 63 Min

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