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Food Chain (2014)

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In-hee, a skin care specialist and Nam-hyeok met in high school and got married early. Nam-hyeok has inferiority complex from not being getting able to get a job and is tired of the same old life. Feeling a sense of shame, Nam-hyeok goes into a cafe one day and pretends to be the section head of a major company. He visits the place everyday to be comforted by the female owner Joo-yeon. Bong-goo Joo-yeon’s little brother who doesn’t have a real job and lives off the pocket money she gives him for running her errands. He watches Mi-ae’s eating channel and falls for her. Graduate school teaching assistant Ji-hoon maintains a sexual partner relationship with Mi-ae, but she is serious about him. Meanwhile, Ji-hoon follows Mi-ae to the skin care specialist and meets In-hee then falls for her right away…

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Tagline:It’s alright if it’s not real. I wish someone would hold me closely.
Genre: 18+, Drama, Romance, Semi
Duration: 100 Min

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