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Big Breasted Daughter-in-law (2020)

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Gyeong-jun and Gyeong-joon promised marriage. The performance, where he didn’t have a place to live, went into Gyeong-joon’s house. While enjoying her newlyweds a little earlier, Gyeong-jun suddenly says that she has to leave for two months on a business trip. Playing with In-young and Nam-soo, who will become mother-in-law without a husband without even registering marriage, Thanks to Inyoung and Namsu, who treat me kindly, I live well, but as the days go by, I am getting tired of dissatisfaction with playing. With envy at the sex between In-young and Nam-soo, Feeling vulgar to Kyung Joon, who left himself alone In order to solve the desire, he searches for a man through the meeting site.

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Genre: 18+, Drama, Romance, Semi
Duration: 60 Min

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